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ZodiacTrax Studio Terms & Conditions



ZodiacTrax requires deposit to book any studio time or services. Deposit for studio time depends on length of session but will be equal to the first two hours of your booked recording or mastering session.  Your Recording Session is Not Conformed until Your Deposit is received”. If your deposit is not received and another client requests the same time slot, you will be rescheduled to the next available time slot (we will communicate with you via phone or email before a new date is required). Deposits for studio time are only refundable with a cancellation or change of time is given with 48 hours’ notice prior to the scheduled session. The remaining balance for the studio time is due at the end of the session, or at the end of the last day for multi-day sessions. No masters will be released until the full balance is received. Studio & mastering sessions booked at a flat rate are paid in advance and are non-refundable.

Storage & Backup of Customer Data​


ZodiacTrax  has a limit on how long your files can be stored on our hard drives. After your project has been completed we will keep the files for up to one week, within which time you must arrange for the archival of the files if you would like to keep them yourself. Mac-formatted USB or Firewire drives are our preferred archival methods for data.



By booking a session with ZodiacTrax you agree to be billed and herby confirm and acknowledge the terms and conditions of this studio  project as outlined above and agree to pay for all time & materials as listed on invoices, in full, in pursuant to the terms stated above. Further, you agree to the terms and conditions of  ZodiacTrax cancellation policy. Any outstanding balance not paid within the billing terms shall carry interest on 15% / month. In the event that Zodiac Entertainment LLC must enforce its claim to past due balances, then, in addition to the outstanding sums due, plus interest, you will agree to pay Zodiac Entertainment LLC reasonable attorney’s fees to enforce collection. Any damage incurred to ZodiacTrax property is to be fixed at clients’ expense and will be brought to the attention of the client or representative immediately. Any material recorded at ZodiacTrax should be saved on your personal hard drive upon completion of a session; ZodiacTrax will not keep any material on our hard drives for more than one week after completion of a recording session.  ZodiacTrax, Sadge Media  and Zodiac Entertainment LLC will not assume any liability for damage or loss to client property left or stored on our premises. If properties of value are left on the premises,  ZodiacTrax recommends the client to secure the appropriate insurance at full value to secure your property


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