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Sadge, Sadge White Shadow video

Song Production/Audio Recording & Mixing


After an initial consultation and planning you will quickly realize the benefit of working with ZodiacTrax to produce your project  Whether you start from scratch or an existing  demo, we have the expertise and technology to  deliver “what you want” Our record process has the ability to create up to 96 digital tracks providing you ample landscape for elaborate beat /music assembly, vocal layering and edit assembly. All production is built in ProTools, allowing you to record and collaborate at ease with any professional studio around the world, ensuring you the best possible quality for your project. Experience, attention to detail, and great customer service is what sets ZodiacTrax apart from other facilities.   Recording is available in hourly blocks or part of package deals.  For production and studio rates.  Please contact us at (


Video Recording & Editing


ZodiacTrax understands production in today’s world means your project will be required to be part of a broader multimedia experience.  We provide the video service to record and edit your performance, podcast, or lecture in HD stereo.  Audio/video post-production services are managed directly in ProTools, providing you complete control over the creative process. We then prepare your presentation for online distribution in the formats of your choice. ZodiacTrax also offers a live streaming video service of your performance “over the internet”. Contact us for info on our video services details and pricing.




It’s very important that your songs be “industry ready” when finalizing a track. This  will set your project apart from the rest.  Not only does  ZodiacTrax have affordable rates but the experience you can to make your project sound  the best it possibly can. Key features include, 8 band analog (modeled) and linear as well as post equalizer. Muti-band dynamics plugin which includes compression, limiting, expansion and gating.  Harmonic Exciter plugin provides complete control over the level of bite or warmth for each track. .Reverb & Digital Room Modeling, allows you to develop a unique identiy for each track Check out our rates page for pricing on a master CD, mixing, or ISRC encoding. 




Audio Technica AT-3060 Tube Mic

RCA BK5-2X (Studio B)

Shure BETA-57A


Midi Controllers-Drum Machines

Novation Impulse 61-

Arturia KeyLab 49 Studio B &

Spark LE Studio B

Native Instruments: Machine MK 2

Audio Monitoring

Monitors: Mackie MR 5 –Mk2

Monitors: KRK-10S Subwoofer

Monitors: KRK Rokit-5  (Studio B)

Headphones: Sony, Audio Technica


Video Monitoring

Asus VS239H-P 23" IPS Monitors

Samsung 24" SyncMaster (Studio B)

Del 20” lP2012H (Studio B)


CPU and Recording Software

DAW: ProTools (Studio A & B)

Mac Mini OSX, Quad Core i7 16GB RAM

Dell PC  Windows  8 Intel Core Duo




3TB LaCie d2 Thunderbolt
Toshiba Canvio  1 TB
HGST, Travelstar 1TB



Zoom Q2-HD / Stereo 

Formats are: MPEG-4 AVC / H.264 (MOV)


Recording interface

Focusrite Scarlett 18i6

Focusrite Scarlett 2i4

(Studio B)

Rolls HA43 Headphone

Dist. Amp.

Cloudlifter CL2  

mic preamplifier

Plugins, Soft Synths and Machine Expansion Packs
ProTools  11 (standard pack)
Izotope : Ozone 5

PulswerkMassiveDrop Squad

Raw Voltage

Platinum Bounce

Dark Pressure

Conant Gardens

Vintage Heat
Transistor Punch
Electric Vice
True School

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