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NEW single "Gladiator" out featuring Ricky Fitz from coming Sadge White Shadow album, "Gladiator".

Check out the  new Sadge White SHADOW flick on our Video page!

Joe Alfonsi is in the studio putting final touches on the Bobby Paulino  EP  titled   "Inside Love"  due out this summer.


"Rude Payle Dundatta".  Available on iTunes , Spotify and  Amazon


Checkout live  Bobby Paulino concert video from Osaka Japan


Checkout live Audio Drone video

We are proud to announce the new Sadge White Shadow single, Meant To Be
Soon available on iTunes and Tune Core.
We are proud to announce Rob Taylor is now the business manager for Zodiac Entertainment.

ZodiacTrax is proud to announce " The Audio Drone album FIRE AND WAR placed at 129th for Best Rock Album of 2017 byMusic Through The Times Check out Audio Drone #129 at the 10H30 time mark, at the YouTube.

Sadge WhiteShadow has released a new single " Catch Me in Town ". Get it now on iTunes, Spotify or Amazon.

ZodiacTrax has released AUDIO DRONE'S 11 song album titled FIRE AND WAR. The project was produced by Joe Alfonsi and Charlie Kendall. Get it now on AMAZON.

ZodiacTrax  release's AUDIO DRONE'S first single Big Time Gambler from the soon to be released 11 song album titled FIRE AND WAR. The project was produced by Joe Alfonsi and Charlie Kendall.

Sadge WhiteShadow is finishing up a new single due out in August titled " Catch Me in Town " as well as new Video Game music earmarked for upcoming fall release.

Bobby Paulino and Joe Alfonsi are finishing final mixes on Bobby's follow 2nd single LOST WITHOUT YOUR LOVE due out in late August.
The new Bobby Paulino single STAY A WHILE is out - available at iTunes, Amazon & all digital stores. 
Congratulations to our friend Walt Anderson (South Beach Girl.) on tour with Kool & The Gang.
 JJ Sinatra single "Smoove Move " produced by Sadge White Shadow on  ZodiacTrax. The summer release of Smoove Move is available at your favorite Digital Store.
Stay tuned in for new Bill Collector tracks in 016 Produced by Sadge White Shadow.


Zodiac Entertainment  welcomes Bobby Paulino to the family. Watch for Bobby's music in a Film Soundtrack. in  016. The project was produced for Zodiac by Joe Alfonsi.

Sadge, Sadge White Shadow flip flames
Sadge, Sadge White Shadow flip flames
New SINGLE and Availability
You can get the new Sadge single South Beach Girl featuring JJ Sinatra & Walt Anderson at Apple Music, Amazon, Google Play & all your favorite digital stores.

A big shout out to Joe Alfonsi, Jim Salamone & Todd Mecaughey at Cambridge Sound on the Post Production...




Check out the new track "What You Know About It" by the artist Flip Flames written & prduced by Sadge.

New release Early 014


Sadge & ZodiacTrax marketing  manager Rob Taylor kicking back over the Holidays during a new mix to be released in early 014...


New Ringtones


ZodiacTrax announces the release of 3 new Ringtones by Sadge on iTunes & Amszon.


Extended version of "Show Me The Money 


Response to our iPhone ring tones have been great..stay tuned in  visit the web site. The extended version of "Show Me The Money will be released on  Valentine's Day February 14, 014.



NEW Bobby Paulino single "Tickle You"soon available at Apple Music, Spotify & Amazon.

Check out the  new "Tickle You" video on our Video page!

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